A downloadable game for Windows

A roguelike dungeon crawler with hundreds of unique items to customise your character with.


Alter Dungeon v0.6.0 31 MB


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Nice work on this! I posted on your reddit post as well, but thought I'd leave some feedback.

1. The Boss stairs were in the room right next to the start, and that was the first thing I did. Maybe code it so that it doesn't appear next to the start

2. The spike rooms were a little bit easy to read the pattern

3. Healing may be a little bit too hard to attain at the start

4. Room and enemy variety is still lacking a bit compared to other games

5. Background music would make all the difference to the ambience, if it is possible

Is this solo developed? Because, if so, I'm really impressed! Keep up the good work!

Hey man, thanks for taking the time out to play and make a video on it, I really appreciate it! All of the feedback you've given is super valuable and some of it hasn't come up in my testing yet so that's awesome, thanks!

I'm the only one working on the game at the moment, been in development on/off for around 2 years now.